How to Fix Hulu Proxy Error with a VPN (April 2024 Guide)

Hulu is an intelligent streaming platform which can easily detect that you are using VPN service therefore not all VPN can unblock Hulu and get Hulu proxy error or the anonymous proxy tool error if using an unreliable VPN.

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Before fixing the Hulu proxy error, first you should know why you are getting Hulu proxy error.

Reasons to Get Hulu Anonymous Proxy Error

There are several other reasons which revoke access the Hulu, some of them are listed below:

  1. Hulu is a US-based online streaming service which is only available in the US, if you try to access it outside the US, you will get the anonymous proxy error.
  2. Usually, ISPs providers assign shared IP addresses to their users. Some of these IP addresses are blacklisted by Hulu due to any violation of Hulu’s terms and conditions by any other user. When you are assigned the same IP address, you will get the similar anonymous proxy error.
  3. The most common reason for the Hulu proxy error is a virtual private network (VPN). Some users use VPN service due to the privacy concern and some of them are using it to unblock restricted services.

Only reliable VPN can unblock Hulu, we have carried out tests of different VPN providers and found that Hulu can easily identify almost all VPN except Surfshark VPN.

Fix Hulu Proxy Error with Surfshark VPN
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Whenever you connect with the VPN, a new IP address is assign based on your connected location.

VPN providers assign IP addresses to VPN users and Hulu has huge list of IP addresses.

When you connect with VPN and they found that IP address in their database they simply block your access.

Surfshark VPN is constantly increasing their IP addresses and servers.

They always assign a new IP address which is mostly not exist in Hulu IP database.

How to Fix Hulu Proxy Error in 5 Steps

  1. Get a Surfshark VPN, it is a reliable and affordable VPN.
  2. Download & install a VPN app.
  3. Login your VPN account and connect to the USA server.
  4. Go to website or App.
  5. Enjoy streaming your favorite movies and shows on Hulu

We have tested Hulu with Surfshark VPN and it works perfectly fine.

Is Hulu Popular Streaming Service?

Yes indeed, Hulu is the most popular American online video on demand streaming service and it is a big competitor of Netflix.

Hulu is owned by Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer & International.

Hulu has a huge video library and they offer over 50 popular channels and hundreds of thousands of movies and TV shows.

Another factor that makes Hulu popular is the mobility, wherever you go, you will always have access to unlimited video content libraries.

FAQs about Hulu

How can I watch Hulu outside the US?

You can easily watch Hulu outside the US by using a reliable VPN provider that has servers in the USA. We recommend the Surfshark VPN.

How much does a Hulu account cost monthly?

Hulu starting as low as $5.99 per month.

Fix Hulu Proxy Error with Surfshark VPN
30-Day Money Back Guarantee