How to Watch 9Now in New Zealand (October 2022)

Are you unable to watch 9Now in New Zealand? Don’t worry here is a quick and step by step guide on how to watch 9Now in New Zealand.

You will need a premium VPN service to watch 9Now in NZ, we recommend Surfshark VPN to watch 9Now in New Zealand.

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What is 9Now?

9Now is a video-on-demand and free catch-up TV streaming service which was launched in 2016 in Australia, 9Now replaced the previous streaming service of 9Jumpin.

With 9Now users can access different channels like 9News, Channel 9, 9Go!, 9Rush, 9Gem, and 9Life.

The company claims to have more than 7 million subscribers, therefore it is one of the biggest streaming services in Australia.

Watch 9Now in New Zealand

Does 9Now Work in New Zealand?

9Now is the regional restricted service which is only available in Australia. Fortunately, there is a way to watch 9Now in New Zealand, Surfshark VPN can help you to watch 9Now in NZ.

If anyone try to access 9Now outside Australia, he will get the geo-restriction error message:

“Sorry, 9Now is only available in Australia”

Surfshark VPN will change your actual NZ IP address to the Australian IP address that will allow you access to this amazing streaming service in NZ.

Follow the below step by step guide to watch 9Now in New Zealand in a few minutes easily.

How To Watch 9Now In New Zealand

  1. Get a VPN that offers Australian servers, we recommend Surfshark VPN.
  2. Download, install & log in to a VPN application.
  3. Connect to the Australian server.
  4. Go to the 9Now website or app.
  5. Sign up a free new account on 9Now or log in on 9Now.
  6. Start streaming 9Now instantly.

We have tested 9Now with Surfshark VPN and it works perfectly fine in New Zealand.

How Does VPN Unblock 9Now in New Zealand?

Basically, 9Now is using a technology to detect the user location, many other streaming platforms using similar technology such as Kayo Sports, Foxtel, Netflix, ESPN etc.

They get the user IP address which helps them to identify the location of users. If 9Now detects the IP address outside Australia they block the access to the site or app.

By using VPN service, you can easily change your IP address to the Australian IP address from New Zealand or anywhere in the world.

When you access the 9Now website after connecting with the VPN Australian server then 9Now gets your Australian IP address and grants access to the site.

Best VPN to Watch 9Now in New Zealand

As of now, there are a number of VPN providers available online. But not all of them are capable of unblocking streaming services and maintaining the speed of your internet connection.

Here we come, we have tested different VPN providers to find out the Best VPN to watch 9Now in New Zealand or outside Australia.

As per our testing we found that Surfshark is the right option to watch 9Now in NZ and outside Australia.

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Best Shows to Watch on 9Now

Although 9Now has a large number of best shows to watch, here is the list of some most watched shows on 9Now.

  • Bad Mothers
  • Love Island Australia
  • Doctor Doctor
  • Married at First Sight
  • The Voice
  • Travel Guides
  • The Footy Show
  • The Block
  • The Voice

Frequently Asked Questions about 9Now in New Zealand

Q#1: Is 9Now available in New Zealand?

Ans: No, 9Now is not available in New Zealand, 9Now is currently available only in Australia. In order to watch 9Now in New Zealand, you will need a VPN that will replace your IP address to the Australian one and unblock 9Now in New Zealand. We recommend the Surfshark VPN.

Q#2: How can I watch 9now in NZ?

Ans: You can watch 9Now in NZ with the help of a VPN software, get a reliable VPN and download the app onto your mobile device or laptop. Sign in with your login credentials and select the Australian server from the server list and go to the 9Now app or website and start streaming 9Now.

Q#3: Which VPN works with 9Now in New Zealand?

Ans: We have carried out tests of different VPN service providers and after thorough testing we recommend the Surfshark VPN to unblock 9Now in New Zealand.

Q#4: How can I watch 9Now overseas?

Ans: You can watch 9Now overseas with the help of a streaming VPN service such as Surfshark VPN, follow the above step by step guide and watch 9Now overseas instantly.

Q#5: Which devices and platforms can I use to watch 9Now?

Ans: You can watch 9Now on Android devices, iPhone/iPad, Chromecast, Windows, Laptop, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Roku, FireTV and other Smart Televisions.

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