How to Watch Hotstar in New Zealand (October 2022)

If you are a resident of New Zealand or currently living in New Zealand and want to know how to watch Hotstar in New Zealand, then you have come to the right place, here is a step by step guide on how to watch Hotstar in NZ.

If you are a fan of awesome Indian TV shows, movies, live events and sports then Hotstar is the right choice for you, but unfortunately Hotstar is not available in New Zealand.

You will need a VPN to unblock Hotstar in New Zealand. I recommend Surfshark VPN.

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What is Hotstar?

In the beginning 2020 Hotstar TV India was rebranded to Disney+ Hotstar because Disney Plus is merged with Hotstar which is already the most popular online streaming service in India.

Initially Hotstar service was available only within the boundaries of India, but later they has expanded its subscription to the USA, Canada and UK as well but New Zealand is not one of them.

Hotstar offers more than hundred of thousand hours of drama serials and movies available in 17 different languages which makes Hotstar an amazing and attractive streaming service in India.

But after the merger with Disney Plus, it has become more attractive to viewers. Because Disney Plus added all of its content including other content providers content like HBO Max.

Does Hotstar work in New Zealand?

Unfortunately, No Hotstar does not work in New Zealand. They can easily detect user location and block access if they find that the user is coming from outside India, the USA, the UK and Canada.

Watch Hotstar in New Zealand

If you try to access Hotstar New Zealand, then you will get the geo-restriction error saying that their service is not available in your region.

Why is Hotstar Blocked in New Zealand?

Like any other streaming platform such as SonyLiv, Netflix, Hulu. Hotstar also uses geo-technology to detect the location to block the access of users if coming from the restricted regions.

Hotstar service is not available in NZ due to geographic restrictions and content licensing reasons.

Luckily, there is the easiest way to watch Hotstar in New Zealand, all you need is a reliable VPN service then you can easily unblock and watch Hotstar New Zealand.

Follow the below step by step guide to watch Hotstar in NZ in a couple of minutes.

How To Watch Hotstar In New Zealand

  1. Get a premium VPN that offers Indian servers, I recommend Surfshark VPN.
  2. Download, install & login to a VPN app.
  3. Connect to the Indian server.
  4. Go to the Hotstar website.
  5. Sign up a new account on Hotstar or login on Hotstar.
  6. Start streaming your favorite Indian TV shows, movies, live events and sports.

I have tested Hotstar in New Zealand with Surfshark VPN and it works perfectly fine in NZ.

Why Do I Need a VPN to Watch Disney+ Hotstar in NZ?

Since Disney+ Hotstar is a geo-blocked service therefore you can not watch it in New Zealand without a VPN.

VPN is a tool that help you to by-pass this geo-restriction to watch your favorite TV shows and movies in New Zealand.

Disney+ Hotstar only allow access to the user of India because it can check user IP address.

IP address is used to identify the user country location, if it belongs to India then you can watch Disney+ Hotstar in NZ.

When help you to change your NZ IP address to the Indian IP address, then you can easily watch Disney Plus Hotstar in New Zealand.

You can also watch EPL in New Zealand with a premium VPN.

How Much Disney+ Hotstar Plan Cost in New Zealand?

Disney Plus Hotstar offers three different plans which are listed below:

  • Mobile Plan – 499 Indian Rupees equivalent to $9.60 NZ dollars per year
  • Super Plan – 899 Indian Rupees equivalent to $17.30 NZ dollars per year
  • Premium plan – 1499 Indian Rupees equivalent to $30.72 NZ dollars per year

How to Get Disney+ Hotstar Subscription in New Zealand?

Hotstar is officially available only in India, so it require Indian mobile number for the verification purpose.

This become a problem for most of the user because Ki-Wi does not have Indian mobile number.

Don’t panic, there are multiple ways to get Indian mobile number for Disney+ Hotstar verification.

1. Ask Friend

If you have friend or relative in India then you can ask them to verify account on your behalf.

2. Get Virtual Indian Number

This is an expensive way to get Indian mobile number but this is the most authentic way to get Indian mobile number in NZ.

3. Get Free Indian Mobile Number

Although, this is not the recommended way but it is still used by several people around the world because it does not charge a penny.

There are several websites that allow you to receive SMS for verification on Indian mobile number like

The only problem is that all messages received on these numbers can be seen by anyone online on these websites.

You can choose any number and enter it in Disney+ Hotstar then you will receive verification message on your screen, pick the code and enter in Hotstar website.

When you check the above website then you will see in the recent messages that people are getting Disney+ Hotstar verification code on it.

Hotstar Most Popular TV Shows to Watch in New Zealand

Although, there are unlimited TV shows available to watch on Hotstar in NZ. Some of the most popular TV shows are following:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Out Of Love
  • The Office
  • Hostages
  • City of Dreams
  • Aarya
  • Special Ops
  • City of Love

Unblock Hotstar NZ!

Hotstar Compatible Devices and Platforms

You can watch Hotstar in New Zealand on the following devices and platforms:

  • Android Phones
  • Android TV
  • Chromecast
  • Xbox
  • OSX Mac
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Apple TV 
  • Smart TVs

How to Watch T20 World Cup Live in New Zealand on Hotstar

The official broadcaster of the T20 World Cup in India is the Hotstar. If you are using a Surfshark VPN then you can easily watch T20 World Cup in New Zealand.

You can also watch so many other sports on Hotstar in New Zealand.

Surfshark VPN also unblocks other popular streaming services.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hotstar in New Zealand

Q#1: Is Hotstar available in NZ?

Ans: No, Hotstar service is not available in New Zealand, Hotstar is currently available in India, the US, Canada and the UK, in order to watch Hotstar in New Zealand, you will need a reliable VPN that will change your IP location to India. I recommend the Surfshark VPN.

Q#2: How can I watch Hotstar in NZ?

Ans: Get a premium VPN and download the app onto your mobile phone, computer or laptop. Sign in with your login credentials and select the Indian server and visit Hotstar website. Pay for the subscription and watch your favourite TV shows.

Q#3: Which VPN works for Hotstar in NZ?

Ans: Although there are multiple VPN service providers but not all VPN can unblock Hotstar services in New Zealand, I have test Surfshark VPN to unblock Hotstar and it works perfectly with Hotstar.


As you can see how easy it is to watch Hotstar in New Zealand with a VPN. I hope now you all can watch your favorite Indian as well as Disney Plus shows and movies in New Zealand.

If you still have any query, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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  1. I was struggling to get Hotstar in New Zealand, and I tried various VPN but your suggested Surfshark VPN does the job. Now I can access Hotstar in New Zealand and enjoy all my favorite shows. Happy Watching 🙂

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