Watch Hulu in South Africa (Updated October 2022)

Wondering how to watch Hulu in South Africa? You will need to get a streaming VPN to watch Hulu in South Africa. I recommend Surfshark VPN.

Follow the below step by step guide to get and watch Hulu in South Africa:

How To Watch Hulu in South Africa (Easy Guide)

  1. Subscribe to a premium streaming VPN. I recommend Surfshark VPN to unblock Hulu in South Africa
  2. Download and Install the VPN app to your device or install browser extension
  3. Log in to your VPN app or browser extension with your username and password
  4. Connect to any US server from the available server list
  5. Visit, create an account, sign in and enjoy streaming Hulu.

Unblock Hulu South Africa

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Why Do You Need a VPN to Unblock Hulu in South Africa?

Hulu is the most popular online streaming service in the US. Hulu is a geo-restricted streaming service which means it is not available outside the US due to content publishing rights.

This is why if you try to access Hulu from South Africa, you will get the geo-restriction error message on your screen:

Hulu Error Message

For this reason, you will need to use a VPN to unblock Hulu in South Africa. You can unblock and watch Hulu in South Africa with a reliable, secure and streaming VPN provider.

Learn how to fix Hulu proxy error with a VPN.

Best VPN to Watch Hulu in South Africa

If you search for a VPN provider on the internet, you will get a huge list of VPN service providers. However, you will not be able to unblock and watch Hulu in South Africa by using any VPN provider.

Although, they all claim that they are able to unblock streaming services but this is not true.

I have personally tested multiple VPN services and now I can say that only Surfshark VPN is the best VPN to watch Hulu in South Africa.

Surfshark VPN has 3200+ VPN servers in 65+ countries and has 600+ servers in the USA only.

It uses a high level of privacy and encryption which enables unblocking all kinds of websites.

Not only this, you can also share the same account credentials with all your family members because only Surfshark VPN allows you to connect unlimited devices simultaneously.

Surfshark VPN also unblock Hulu in other regions:

Although, Hulu has a large content to watch, here is the most popular shows to watch on Hulu in South Africa:

  • Castle Rock
  • The Handmaids Tale
  • Shrill
  • Vikings
  • Cardinal
  • Harlots
  • Future Man
  • LetterKenny
  • The Act

Here is the most popular movies to watch on Hulu in South Africa:

  • Parasite
  • Missing Link
  • Logan
  • Minding the Gap
  • Fyre Fraud
  • Capote
  • Catch Me If You Can
  • Snatch 
  • Colossal
  • Annihilation
Watch Hulu in South Africa

How to Sign Up Hulu from South Africa?

You will be able to unblock Hulu’s website from South Africa by using a VPN service. However, you will need US billing details to pay for the Hulu subscription.

There are two possible solutions to this problem. If you have a family member, relative or friend in the USA, ask them to help you to create an account on Hulu.

Another solution is to subscribe using a Hulu gift card which you can easily buy from any store such as ebay, walmart or

How to get Hulu Gift Card from

Follow the below simple steps to get Hulu gift card:

  • Visit and buy a Hulu gift card from there.
  • You will receive a gift card code in your email, use that code in the signup process on Hulu website.
  • Login to your Surfshark VPN account and connect to the US server.
  • Go to and redeem your 12 digits code to subscribe to Hulu.
  • Make sure that you enter the US zip code (e.g. 10029) to complete the subscription process.
  • Enjoy streaming Hulu content instantly.

Try Surfshark Today!

Hulu Pricing and Plans in South Africa

You can get any one of the following plans in South Africa that meet your requirement.

  1. Basic Plan (Ad-Supported)
  2. Hulu (Ad-Free) Plan
  3. Hulu + Live TV

1. Hulu Basic Plan (Ad-Supported) – $6.99/mo

Hulu basic plan is the cheapest plan which costs $6.99 per month. This plan is supported by the ads therefore you will be displayed the ads during streaming.

2. Hulu (Ad-Free) Plan – $12.99/mo

This plan lets you stream Hulu content with any ads. This is the most popular plan which also lets you download movies and shows.

3. Hulu + Live TV – $54.99/mo

Third one is Hulu along with Live TV plan will cost you $54.99 per month for three months. However, after that you will pay $64.99/month for the same service.

With this plan you can watch Hulu content and also stream 75+ top TV channels. You can also record upto 50 hours of content in cloud storage.

Hulu Compatible Devices

You can watch Hulu on the following compatible devices and platforms:

  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android Phones
  • iPhone / iPad
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • Xbox One
  • Roku
  • PlayStation 4


Q#1: Is Hulu Available in South Africa?

Ans: Hulu is not available in South Africa and any other country except the USA. However, you can watch Hulu in South Africa with a Surfshark VPN.

Q#2: How much does Hulu cost in South Africa?

Ans: Hulu offers three different plans, an ad-supported plan costs USD $6.99/month. Ad-free plan costs USD $12.99/month and Hulu + Live TV plan costs USD $54.99/month.

Q#3: When is Hulu coming to South Africa?

Ans: Currently, there is no official announcement from Hulu about spreading their network in South Africa. However, you can watch Hulu in South Africa with a VPN.

Q#4: How to pay for Hulu in South Africa?

Ans: You can subscribe and make a payment to Hulu in South Africa by using a gift card. You can easily buy gift cards from ebay, amazon, walmart or any other store.


Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services in the USA. You can watch almost anything that you like on Hulu from movies, shows to Hulu originals.

People in South Africa can easily unblock this amazing streaming service with a VPN and enjoy streaming Hulu in South Africa.

I hope this easy guide will be helpful for you to unblock and watch Hulu in South Africa, if you have any query, comment below.

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