How to Watch MX Player Outside India (October 2022 Guide)

Are you looking for an easy guide to watch MX Player outside India? Then you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will show you how to bypass the geo-restriction of MX Player and watch MX Player outside India in a couple of minutes.

You will need to buy a premium VPN service to unblock MX Player outside India. We recommend the Surfshark VPN.

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What is a MX Player?

MX Player is the world’s most popular video streaming and video on demand service developed by MX Media & Entertainment. The most prominent feature of this platform is that it is free of cost, the service is using the ad-supported model for business.

Currently, the app has more than 280 million active monthly users worldwide. It is one of the largest entertainment platforms having more than 150,000 hours of content in 12 different languages.

MX Player has licensed content from most popular entertainment Indian and International companies and studios such as Hungama, Shemaroo, Sony Entertainment, FilmRise, Goldmine, Paramount Pictures, Sonar Entertainment, and Screen Media Films.

You can watch almost anything that you wish for such as content from TV programs, Indian movies, hollywood movies, music videos, web series and MX Player Originals series available in various genres including comedy, reality, romance and drama..

MX Player initially was launched as a video player app in July 2011. After the great success of the app the service was relaunched in February 2019 as an over-the-top (OTT) media service.

Watch MX Player Outside India

Does the MX Player Work outside India?

Initially, MX Player online streaming feature was launched in India only. However, after getting the great response of the service from the viewers in India, the company decided to expand their OTT service across the border.

MX Player OTT service has been launched in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Nepal and Bangladesh in March 2020. While for the rest of the world it is available as a video player.

Follow the below step by step guide to watch MX Player outside India where the service is not available such as South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Germany, France, Russia or any other country.

How To Watch MX Player outside India

  1. Get a VPN that offers Indian servers, we recommend Surfshark VPN.
  2. Download, install & log in to a VPN app.
  3. Connect to the Indian server.
  4. Go to the MX Player website or app.
  5. Start streaming MX Player outside India.

We have tested MX Player with Surfshark VPN and it works perfectly fine outside India.

How Does VPN Unblock MX Player outside India

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an online tool that is mostly used for online security purposes  and unblocking restricted services.

MX Player looks at the IP address of the visitors to identify the location of the visitors. If they find visitors are coming from any country where the service is not available, they simply block the access and display the geo-restriction message.

With VPN, you can easily change your IP address to the Indian IP address which allows you to access the MX Player streaming service in your own country.

Best Shows to Watch on MX Player

MX Player is the best online streaming platform where you can watch thousands of amazing TV shows, movies, dramas, web series and music. Some of the best and popular shows of MX Player are following:

  • Hello Mini
  • Bhaukaal
  • Aashram
  • Queen
  • Dangerous
  • Raktanchal
  • Lots of Love
  • Im Mature
  • Thinkistan
  • Cheesecake
  • Ek Thi Begum

Best VPN to Watch MX Player outside India

Choosing the best VPN can be kinda tricky, as you must have to check whether they are offering all the features that  you are looking for such as unblocking streaming services without compromising the speed, compatibility with Android, iOS and other devices.

For your ease, we have already tested multiple VPN providers and found that the Surfshark VPN is the best VPN to watch MX Player outside India.

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Frequently Asked Questions about MX Player outside India

Q#1: Is MX Player available outside India?

Ans: Initially, MX Player was only available in India but now their service is also available in US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Bangladesh, and Nepal. To watch MX Player in the rest of the countries, you will need to use a VPN service. We recommend the Surfshark VPN.

Q#2: Is MX Player legal to use outside India?

Ans: MX Player can be easily accessed outside India using a VPN. Unblocking the MX Player using VPN service is 100% legal.

Q#3: How to unblock MX Player outside India?

Ans: In order to unblock MX Player outside India, get a premium VPN, login & connect to the Indian server, go to MX Player website or app and start streaming your favorite movies and shows.

Q#4: How much does the MX Player cost?

Ans: The service is available for free to use and supported by the advertisements. However, there is also a pro plan available which can help you to get rid of these ads.

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