Privacy Policy

This privacy policy has been compiled by BestVPNsGuide Team for elaboration of how we handle “Personally Identifiable Information” (PII). We are extremely vigilant and give high priority to user privacy – Our policy covers the data & info we collect, how we utilize it and how we protect user information. ‘PII’ according to US privacy and information security law, used to contact, identify, locate individual or discover identities in a context.

Please read privacy policy of BestVPNsGuide carefully to better understand our data collection, usage, security, and affiliate outbound links. You are requested to check-in periodically as we might revise our privacy policy to comply with international regulations, in order to improve user experience and better utilize newly introduced technologies.

Personal Information Collection on BestVPNsGuide

BestVPNsGuide is primarily a review website, offering expert advice and evaluation results to products we assess. General visitors don’t require to enter any information or data to view our web pages. However, basic information including email address and name will be require once you subscribe to our ‘Newsletter’, comment to any of our ‘Blogs’, respond to one of our ‘Surveys’ or fill in the ‘Contact Us’ form. Apart from it, only cursory data is collected from our readers’ to improve user experience.

BestVPNsGuide don’t sell or trade email addresses for marketing or any other reason.

Usage of Collected Information

BestVPNsGuide might use collected information and data for number of reasons, all of these reasons are mentioned below:

Protection of Visitor Information

BestVPNsGuide has an entire team who are managing routine operation of the website. BestVPNsGuide is scanned on regular basis via anti-virus software installed at our web hosting server to counter security lapses and known vulnerabilities to make users’ visit to our site as safe as possible. There are not setups, executable files or other downloadable files are available on our review website so there is no chances of malware transmission from our website to readers’ system. We don’t perform Malware Scanning.

Subscribers’ personal information (email address only) is archived behind secured network and only accessible by limited personnel having special accessibility rights and are bound to keep the information confidential. Other various security measures are implemented by BestVPNsGuide when a user enters or submit information to enhance security.

BestVPNsGuide do not use cookies for tracking or any other purpose.

BestVPNsGuide honors ‘Do Not Track Signals’ – also we don’t plant cookies, neither we use advertising when DNT (Do Not Track) browsing mechanism is active.

BestVPNsGuide do not allow third party behavioral tracking for any means.